RE: [svg11] svg out-of-context rendering

The SVG spec only deals with SVG UAs. I don't think the SVG spec should
dictate the behavior for other UAs.

What I meant by generate an error message is that the content should not
be rendered and that an error message should be generated instead of
rendering the content. If something must be rendered, then the viewport
(if one exists) would be rendered as transparent black (which means
render nothing - let the background or default canvas shine through).

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Quoting Jon Ferraiolo <>:
> I suggest that SVG UAs *SHOULD* (MUST?) generate an error message when
> encountering content which does not have a root 'svg' element
> surrounding the content.

And what to do for UAs who are build upon namespace dispatching? (And
bindings for elements in a particular namespace which then results in

Also, what has "generate an error message" to do with rendering?

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