RE: [SVGMobile12] What is the point of section 3 ("Rendering Model")?

Hi, Ian-

| Very well. In that case please rewrite it so that it actually 
| clearly states what it is intending to state, with testable, 
| implementable conformance criteria, addressing the problems I 
| raised in my original last call comment on this issue.

I would also like to see a more complete test suite.

| This point is debatable, since the lack of clear testable, 
| implementable conformance criteria make it hard to actually 
| test for interoperability. 
| It has been my experience that SVG implementors do not even 
| actually agree on what the correct processing model is, let 
| alone that what has been implemented is interoperable.

Could you elaborate on that? It seems to me that most of the implementations
I've seen are fairly in line with one another.

| earlier last call comment requesting another last call 
| publication so that the public can proof-read the many 
| substantial changes made to the spec since April, please 

I would also like to see a new draft. 

Doug ...for scalable solutions.

Received on Tuesday, 25 October 2005 21:01:34 UTC