Re: [SVGMobile12] Comments: Concepts

Chris Lilley wrote:
> We had several requests to cover some background and explain concepts.
> We were also asked to have some "why should I care" motivating material
> early on. This chapter attempts to do that.

Ah, heh.  Ok.

> Apparently some people like terse specifications and some people like to
> know what value is offered and what the spec does for them. We tried to
> strike a balance.

I guess there's no accounting for taste.  Or rather, I guess implementors like 
to know what they need to implement and not the rest of it.  :)

> BZ> Similar for overblown phrases like "huge variety of graphical objects" (I
> BZ> recommend removing "huge" since it adds nothing to the meaning and again sounds
> BZ> like badly-written promotional literature).
> Well, a path can create a theoretically infinite number of shapes :)

Well, sure.  I'm not saying the sentence is false.  Just that it sounded like it 
  was trying really hard to justify to me why paths exist...

> BZ> The last bullet point of 2.3 appears to be normative to me.
> Its not, although it does link to a normative conformance criterion.

Ah, I see.  OK.

> We have clarified that the chapter is normative, so there should not be any
> confusion now.


Sounds good to me.  Thank you!


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