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On Sunday, October 23, 2005, 3:35:40 PM, André wrote:

AMWCn> hi,

AMWCn> looking for <textArea> at
AMWCn> <>
AMWCn> i wonder where the given shape (wherein text rendering shall occur)
AMWCn> gets definded. i see that the Element has x/y/width/hight attributes,
AMWCn> so will it only be a rectangular container? or is <textArea> a child
AMWCn> of a shape?

Hi André

In Tiny, there is only a single rectangular shape given by x y width
height. In full, multiple shapes can be referenced from textArea and the
text renders into those.

AMWCn> anyway, if you have an code example ready, i would be glad to
AMWCn> have a look at.

AMWCn> thank you,
AMWCn> greetings from tyrol

AMWCn> andré

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