RE: 'prev' Keyword And Id Restrictions

Hey, Robin-

| I don't believe I've ever seen this keyword, and the 
| reference you give to SMIL Boston doesn't in fact define it, 
| it just uses it. 

Right, but that passing mention is the only reference I could find for it.
I'm surprised you hadn't seen it, before, though.

| It's quite possible that it never made it to 
| any SMIL Rec, and that ASV supports it only because they 
| implemented it at some point for their SMIL engine and never 
| took it out.

Ok, I suspected that might be the case. So, what should I do? There's lots
of content out there that uses it, since it was part of the original Adobe
tutorials back in the early days, and has been on various sites.

Should my implementation (and others) ignore it, and adhere to the Specs? Or
should we support it, and support the existing content?

Doug ...for scalable solutions.

Received on Monday, 7 November 2005 08:43:25 UTC