[SVGMobile12] profiling language OBE? + one editorial...

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1.2.3 Profiling the SVG specification

The modularization of SVG 1.2 allows profiles to be described by 
listing the SVG modules they allow and possibly a small number of 
restrictions or extensions on the elements provided by those modules.

The "Tiny" profile of SVG 1.2 is the collection of all the modules 
listed in this specification.

When applied to conformance, the term "SVG Tiny" refers to the "Tiny" 
profile of SVG 1.2 defined by this specification. If an 
implementation does not implement the Tiny profile, it must state 
either the profile to which it conforms, or that it implements a 
subset of SVG Tiny.



Is this discussion perhaps left over from a prior state of the documents?

I thought that the intention was in this go-around to make the Tiny 
variant a standalone
language, and to express other profiles of SVG 1.2 as extensions 
based on this core.

In addition, I don't feel it was ever technically correct to say that 
the 'Tiny' profile of SVG 1.2
*is* a collection of modules.  It is the language that results when 
these modules are integrated
using a specific composition method.  Consider why there is a driver 
in the RELAX-NG
schema stack.


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<p>It is recommended that SVG files stored on Macintosh HFS
      file systems be given a file type of <code>"svg"</code>
      (all lowercase, with a space character as the fourth letter).
      It is recommended that <a
      SVG files stored on Macintosh HFS file systems be given a file
      type of <code>"svgz"</code> (all lowercase).</p>


<comment class="editorial">

The space character desired in the Mac file indication is missing 
from the specification
text at this point.  See if

<code>"svg  "</code>

won't get the space shown.



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