RE: [SVGMobile12] namespace events are not qualified?

Yes, these discussions should happen on other forums.
Personnally, my only goal is to have SVG Tiny be as precise as possible to avoid issues and interoperability problems even if sometimes some Issues come from other format connex to SVG.
We have the same issue concerning urlRequest or SVGTimer APIs which should rather be defined in a more global "Web Application" WG.

We seriously lack time concerning SVGT and if you want to give it a chance to be adopted by the mobile industry, we can not wait too long that W3C solves this internal issues.

If I understand well what you say, it means an e-mail should be sent to the DOM WG about this issue.



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Hi Vincent,

> Since everybody seems to agree on this, has Ola been given an action 
> to
update the
> Tiny spec. accordingly so that it becomes clearer for every developer 
> &
> which reads the spec. ?

I know we now agree on the problem, but I don't agree that the solution is some sort of 'clarification' in SVG Tiny. If the problem really is there, then DOM 3 Events needs to be corrected.

I say "if", because it may be that there is an aspect of the implementation that the authors haven't explained that makes this problem go away. But my experience of trying to implement this last year was that it was not possible to make DOM 3 Events and DOM 2 Events co-exist.

There are a couple of ways that this might be solved, but I assume that discussion should take place on a different forum.



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