Re: SVG12: "DTD" and "W3C XML Schema"

* Chris Lilley wrote:
>BH> [...]
>BH>   Similarly in the case of a conflict between a DTD or W3C XML
>BH>   Schema and the RelaxNG schema, the RelaxNG is authoritative
>BH> [...]
>BH> There are no such "DTD" or "W3C XML Schema" in the draft, please change
>BH> the draft such that it includes a "DTD" and "W3C XML Schema".
>Why? What use would they serve?

It seems you think SVG 1.2 should not provide normative W3C XML Schema.
I suggest you raise this issue with the SVG Working Group and reviewers
as this has
been promised many times. I also suggest to contact the W3C XML Schema
Working Group on what use XML Schema could serve.

>If someone makes one, the RNG is authoritative over it.  That was the
>point of the wording.

Right. This leaves many things undefined then, for example, if someone
makes another SVG Tiny 1.2 specification, will it be authoritative? Or
would the W3C SVG Tiny 1.2 specification remain authoritative? I think
this needs to be pointed out in the draft. Also, if both specifications
point out they are authoritative, how would we know which one is truly
authoritative? And note that the wording does not actually reflect the
intention, the RNG is only authoritative if there are conflicts and
"conflict" is not defined in the draft. Perhaps a TAG finding on
authoritative SVG Tiny 1.2 specifications and schemas is needed.
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