Re: [SVGMobile12] About vector graphics and other specification

On 5/21/05, Robin Berjon <> wrote:
> Jean-Claude Dufourd wrote:
> > Whereas I understand that the clauses about non-"vector graphics" items
> > may be needed to ensure the interoperability of content within a
> > particular application domain, the presence of these items within a
> > single "SVG Tiny 1.2" profile will hinder the reuse of SVG within other
> > application domains where a particular audio or image encoding (or
> > compression, or API) has no relevance.
> I cannot think of a single domain that would at the same not need
> interoperable user agents and yet need a standard. If there are
> communities in need of non-interoperable vector graphics user agents,
> surely they can choose any ad hoc solution they please?

When vector graphics is not considered as the user agent owner, but just one 
of the media that can cooperate in the creation of a presentation, then 
assumptions about the "vector graphics as owner of the user agent" are 

> As a result, I would request the definition of 2 separate kinds of 
> profile:
> > - a vector graphics profile, which could be the current SVGT1.2 profile
> > purged of any non vector graphics item (elements and attributes syntax,
> > semantics, rendering model and specific APIs)
> How would something which had no concrete syntax (can't be read), no
> semantics (can't be machine processed), no way of being rendered (can't
> be human processed), and no API (can't be manipulated) be of any use on
> the Web? It would seem to me that Pythagoras, Bézier, and a few others
> have already done a damn good job at defining what would remain and that
> the SVG WG could only mess it up.

I am not as stupid as you want to represent it. If you reread my message 
later, you will have to admit that I could not possibly mean to remove those 
items in the parentheses, namely "elements and attributes syntax, semantics, 
rendering model and specific APIs". I was rather suggesting to retain
onlythese items in the "vector graphics" profile.
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