[SVGMobile12] Inconsistent and incorrect requirements for negative values on properties

The SVG 1.2 spec is very ambiguous about how negative values are to be 
handled when they are not allowed.

For example:

   The definition of <time> disallows negative values but does not say 
   that they are an error, and does not define any error handling. (It
   would seem such values would be "unsupported", causing a warning.)

   The definition of width="" on the <svg> element, like most other 
   attributes and properties, says a negative value there is an error, 
   which means that processing must halt when a negative value is given.

   horiz-adv-x="" doesn't allow negative values but doesn't say what a 
   negative value does. (It would seem these count as "out of range", 
   which is undefined, as per one of my other comments.)

Please clarify the error handling rules for negative values of <time> and 
horiz-adv-x="", or have different types for positive-only <number>s and 
negative-or-positive <number>s, with clear rules for both.

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Received on Friday, 20 May 2005 13:42:50 UTC