[SVGMobile12] "outermost", "root-most", etc, SVG elements

The SVG 1.2 spec currently uses the terms "outermost svg element", 
"root-most svg element", and other such language, without, as far as I can 
tell, ever defining those terms.

In light of other requirements in the specification and articulated in 
response to other last-call comments, it seems that there in fact an <svg> 
element can never have another such element as an ancestor. However, it is 
not entirely clear if that is the case, for example, one could imagine an 
SVG fragment in an XHTML fragment in a <foreignObject> in an SVG fragment, 
where one would see an <svg> element that is a descendant of another.

Please replace all references to the "outermost svg element", "root-most 
svg element", and other such language, with a single, well-defined term, 
that handles these cases and clearly explains how a user agent must handle 
<svg> elements that are descendants of other <svg> elements.

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Received on Friday, 20 May 2005 12:17:42 UTC