[SVGMobile12] Comments: Multimedia


Allowing implementations to opt-out of implementing the SVG rendering 
model (ordering/transform) of <video> seems like a bad thing for both 
the cleanliness of the specification and interoperability between 
implementations.  If a graphic element is to be added to the SVG 
specification, it should be required to be rendered according to the SVG 
rendering model.  <video>'s "transformBehavior" and "overlay" attributes 
should be removed along with these two sections.


Unclear why it was felt necessary to add an <animation> element instead 
of just allowing <image> to refer to SVG files.


This section describes an "audio-level" property, but samples 
media0[124].svg use "volume".

Received on Thursday, 19 May 2005 18:35:56 UTC