[SVGMobile12] Comments: Text


"It is possible to apply a gradient to text.  ... object bounding box 
units are computed relative to the entire 'test' element in all cases..."

Why have text behave different that other geometry (11.12)?


"Many of the features here go beyond the functionality provided by the 
elements in this profile..."

This "tiny" specification is almost 400 pages - leave out verbarge not 
associated with the specification in question.


<textArea> needs an example or two.


"For cases where box model layout is required, it is suggest that a 

Section 10.1 says that "the exact semantics of this approach are not 
completely defined."


"The layout of wrapped text is user agent dependent..."

Not good for interoperability, especially in light of having SVG defined 
fonts.  Perhaps a "wrapping = auto | exact" attribute is needed, in the 
same fashion that textPath in SVG full has a spacing attribute?


It seems one of the natural uses that editable text fields might be put 
to is input fields, but there seems to be no way to control the "width" 
of a field or clip over-long content (as SVGT lacks both <clipPath> and 
nested <svg>).


"For WYSIWYG editing the following..."

What should happen if current point is moved to an area not visible 
(overlapping geometry, text running outside the outer <svg>, etc)?

Received on Thursday, 19 May 2005 01:04:33 UTC