[SVGMobile12] Comments: Rendering Model


This section doesn't define what the rendering order actually is.  I assume it's 
meant to be document order (depth-first, preorder traversal of the DOM tree); if 
so, this should be stated explicitly.

It's not clear to me how this section interacts with foreignObject.  For 
example, what happens if an SVG fragment is present in an XHTML document 
(something this specification explicitly allows) and contains a foreignObject 
containing XHTML (something it also allows).  Given the CSS2 description of 
z-ordering (which applies to both the XHTML outside the SVG and the XHTML inside 
the foreignObject), what should happen?

For example, could we have a case where all the SVG content is painted before 
some sibling node of <svg> _except_ for a node that's a descendant of the 
foreignObject, which is painted after said sibling node?


foreignObject doesn't seem to be a shape, it's not text, so it must be a raster 
image or video?  Or is there a fifth fundamental type of graphics element?


This is using the verbs "render" and "paint" interchangeably (and never actually 
says that explicitly).  Please pick one verb and stick with it.


Received on Tuesday, 17 May 2005 21:33:41 UTC