[SVGMobile12] Normative and informative sections

I'm finding it very difficult to review (and would find even more difficult to 
implement) this specification, because the normative and informative sections 
are not clearly marked as such and because the normative and informative 
information is often intermingled in the same section and sometimes in a single 

Please clearly label the normative and informative sections accordingly.  This 
will help implementors enormously, since they won't have to read every single 
word of what looks like informative text to check whether it happens to contain 
conformance requirements.  I would recommend fully giving the normative 
definition of an element first, then giving informative examples illustrating 
the use of the element and its various attributes, with links from the normative 
section to the informative one as needed.


Received on Tuesday, 17 May 2005 21:05:33 UTC