SVG-2.33 Perl module uploaded to CPAN

I'm pleased to announce that the latest version of the Perl SVG module is 
available on CPAN for download. 

Version 2.33 provides the following upgrades:

-improves the compliance of the <svg> element, providing automatic xmlns and 
xmlns:xlink attribute in the <svg> tag. Based on user-contributed code. 
Mozilla native SVG should accept default SVG content now, and should not 
require special handling (explicitly defining the above attributes). This 
therefore provides a major step in usability for native SVG support with 

-improved documentation (in SVG::Manual), exposing all the attributes 
available at the constructor.

For more information on the Perl SVG module, see the following pages:

The Perl SVG module is an open-source contribution and comes with an unlimited 
usage license. Commercial support is available from the author (me).

Features of and changes to the module will continue to be discussed at the serverside forum: 



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Received on Sunday, 15 May 2005 19:29:02 UTC