Re: [SVGMobile12] Initial viewport sizing, again

Yes, absolutely you have found a hole in the combination of CSS spec plus 
SVG spec. Various W3C committees (CSS, SVG, CDF) have discussed this issue 
extensively in coordination with each other during the past several months. 
I know there are detailed proposed wording changes within the various 
committees, but right at this moment I am not sure I remember all of the 
details about which language is going into which spec and when the new 
language will make it into public specs.

Maybe others will provide details. One aspect that I remember is there is 
an ultimate fallback in case CSS does not specify an absolute length value 
and SVG either specifies or defaults to 100%. In this case, as I remember 
the ultimate default is 300px width by 150px height, which I believe is 
consistent with existing Mozilla implementation. (But you would know this 
better than me.)


At 10:13 AM 5/10/2005, Boris Zbarsky wrote:

>I started trying to implement 
> in Mozilla, 
>and realized that even with the responses to my previous mail it's still 
>To be precise, if there is no CSS styling used to set the viewport size 
>(so that in CSS terms the replaced element is using its intrinsic size), 
>the specification says to use the width and height attributes of the 
>outermost <svg> element.
>However, the width and height attributes are allowed to have percentage 
>values (most obviously, they default to 100% if not set).  There is no 
>indication what the values are percentages _of_ in this 
>specification.  This makes it rather difficult to make this case (which is 
>the default case) work....

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