Re: [SVGMobile12] animation and getAttribute()

On 7 mai 2005, at 04:06, T Rowley wrote:

> Antoine Quint wrote:
>> On 7 mai 2005, at 03:52, T Rowley wrote:
>>> When animation of an attribute is occuring, should getAttribute 
>>> ()  return the original document specified value or the current   
>>> animation value?
>> It should return the original document specified value. To get to  
>> the  animation value, the specific SVG DOM APIs need to be used.
> SVGT doesn't have anything in the uDOM to access the animation value.

Yes it does. All get*PresentationTrait() methods on the TraitAccess  
interaface gives you access to the presentation value, which is the  
animated value.

By the way, there is no getAttribute() in UDOM, only getAttributeNS 
(), but it doesn't change the meaning of your question.

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