sXBL: definitions and ECMAScript

Hi all. I have some questions about sXBL that couldn't be solved by developer communities. The sXBL draft doesn't say how the definitions should be loaded by the UA (...if I'm not wrong). I would massively appreciate any help you may provide to orientate me (specially from the sXBL authors).

First, I'm looking for a way to load the sXBL definitions using ECMAScript. I know that the easiest way would be to import an svg file with the definitions. However, I'd like to create the templates

programatically. I think there are some situations where you can benefit from using this approach.

I read twice the sXBL draft but it doesn't say anything about loading. It only covers how to create the definitions using xml pre-defined tags.

I checked Mozilla XBL documentation, and it seems that all the definitions are loaded into a DocumentXBL. This document could be created/modified programatically, but it doesn't get much

into detail on how.(and may also differ from the sXBL version). This is probably not of interest for most of the people, but in a production system there is some logic to do this. I wonder whether anyone knows how the XBL DOM with the templates is created.

Second, I read in Mozilla's website that a bound document has a unique copy of each separate binding document. That means that the definitions will be loaded only once. My question is:

How long the loaded XBL document is keept in memory? I mean, if I have a set of web pages that all import the same binding definitions, Is the definition's DOM created in every page load? or on the contrary, is the DOM tree kept in memory and shared by different svg documents? This can offer an important performance since I don't have to load the definitions in every svg document the User Agent renders.

The issues I exposed above have been discussed in SVG Developers Lists, but I didn't find any answer to them. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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Received on Tuesday, 21 June 2005 07:24:03 UTC