Re: SVG12: IRI Processing rules and xlink:href

On Monday, June 13, 2005, 9:56:00 PM, Bjoern wrote:

BH> * Chris Lilley wrote:
>>BH> Yes. And the algorithm defined in RFC 3987 produces different
>>BH> results than those defined in XML 1.0, XML Schema 1.0, SVG 1.1, HTML
>>BH> 4.01, XML Catalogs, XInclude, XPointer, etc. which produce
>>BH> equivalent results.
>>Because international DNS was not included in the copy paste versions.

BH> Well, the difference I am referring to is the incompatibility
BH> with the reference character processing model

Ah! Thanks for being more specific; the part that I thought you were
alluding to and what in fact concerns you turns out to be quite

BH> as discussed in


BH> This difference was part of the drafts since draft-masinter-
BH> url-i18n-02 (published 1998) though the cases in which it
BH> applies as well as the requirement levels changed over time.

Okay. I see from the link you provided that you have been discussing
this on a thread crossposted to and - looking at the June archives the thread seems
to have died.  Accordingly I have copied on this
reply, to get further guidance.

Okay, so it comes down to character normalization when non-Unicode
encodings are used and the character data has not been normalized.

I can see that this is potentially an issue in CSS, but for XML where the
only two encodings guaranteed to work across XML parsers are UTF-8 and
UTF-16, and where use of any other (non codepoint subset - declaring
UTF-8 and then using US-ASCII is not relevant here) encoding has
always required declaration of the encoding, this seems to be less of a

If I misunderstand, perhaps you could provide a well-formed SVG example
derived from one of your CSS examples that illustrates the problem?

BH> The other differences are quite unimportant, especially since
BH> RFC 3986 takes some of these into account.

Yes it does, but thanks again for the clarification.

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