Open Clip Art Library Release 0.14 Announcement -


June 10, 2005 UTC — Release 0.14 of the Open Clip Art Library
( is now available for download on-line as an
individual package consisting of 3415 images submitted by over 200
artists from around the globe.

The project has progressed much this month on the future core of the
Open Clip Art Library, the Document Management System (DMS) and more
infrastructure has been implemented for the website due to user-demand.
In addition to the aggregration of developer blogs at Planet OpenClipArt
(, the project is now using the provided bugzilla bug tracker
( to
focalize feature requests and bug reports related to clip art, dms, the
website, and other concerns. And, in response to people having
difficulty contacting developers, there is now a contact form on the
main project page.

With regards to the Open Clip Art Library's growing release size, there
is now an SVG-only package. And, for all those Windows users out there,
the project is now providing a Windows installer that supports 40
languages and allows users to install and uninstall versions of the
library package safely and securely.

Now is the time to contribute artwork to the library and help develop
the infrastructure which allows for easy clip art distribution. All
summer the project is looking for summer themed artwork. What a great
time to get out of the heat and lend a hand to the ongoing development
for the project. Or, go outside and get some inspiration for making some
artwork for submission.

Use the following URLs to download the latest release of the Open Clip
Art Library:

The Open Clip Art Library ( aims to create
an archive of clip art that can be used freely for any use. All graphics
submitted to the project are placed into the Public Domain according to
the Creative Commons Public Domain Declaration.

Received on Friday, 10 June 2005 09:00:49 UTC