Re: SVG12: 'display' trait

At 03:38 AM 6/9/2005, Boris Zbarsky wrote:

>Ola Andersson wrote:
>>In general the svg specification doesn't define the behavior of crossing
>>document boundaries.
>The nodes inside a foreignObject are not in a different document. They're 
>in the same document.  For example, they would be affected by any xml:base 
>on the foreignObject, would inherit style from it, etc.  If foreignObject 
>just linked to an internal document what you say would be true, but it doesn't.

Probably Ola was referring to foreignObject with an xlink:href?

Of course, if the content is inline within the foreignObject, then you 
haven't cross document boundaries, just namespace boundaries, and with 
foreignObject often you have a different UA that acts as content handler.

>>Several issues arise when you think about embedding
>>xhtml into a foreignObject (focus navigation, event propagation, script
>>access, etc). None of these questions are addressed by the SVG WG.
>>Instead it is the CDF WG that are addressing issues concerning behavior
>>on document boundaries.
>Yes, but what I'm saying here is that if I understand your proposed 
>solution to Bjoern's problem correctly it makes it impossible for the CDF 
>WG to get this "right" (define sane behavior with SVG foreignObject and 
>CSS) in the future, in my opinion.

I agree that we don't want to mess up CDF.



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