ANN: eSVG 2.3 released

We are pleased to announce that our newest eSVG version supports much greater dynamic acceleration. Take a look at 
The combination of 3 innovative speed optimization methods gives dynamic  acceleration as much as 80 times faster! Users
will experience different speeds depending on their SVG document structure. The average acceleration for 500 tested
samples (different documents) is approximately 3 times faster.

With this update, some users may notice that certain SVG documents will work differently. In such cases, users should
set the document element static attribute to no in order to partially disable optimization methods. 

eSVG viewer provides optimized execution tool-button for dynamic partial disabling/enabling of optimization methods.
Accordingly, eSVG ActiveX control provides optimized property. 

Note that if the document is protected by a watermark, dynamic execution may be up to 3 times slower. Please register
your device or document to skip watermark protection! 

In response to customer requests we are including several other feature enhancements in this release: 

- support for server-generated images (using EXE, DLL, PHP or any server-side application or script) 
- vertical text on path 
- rotate attribute for SMIL animation 
- nested path clipping 
- many smaller enhancements 

We are also pleased to introduce new lower pricing. Please check out our eSVG Purchase page for detailed information.

eSVG Team 

Received on Tuesday, 19 July 2005 14:04:54 UTC