SVG12: animation of path data

Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group, section
8.1 notes 

  Path data animation is only possible when each path data specification
  within an animation specification has exactly the same list of path
  data commands as the d attribute. If an animation is specified and the
  list of path data commands is not the same, then the animation
  specification is in error (see Error Processing). The animation engine
  interpolates each parameter to each path data command separately based
  on the attributes to the given animation element. Flags and booleans
  are interpolated as fractions between zero and one, with any non-zero
  value considered to be a value of one/true.

It is not clear whether this is meant to prohibe discrete animation of
different paths (e.g., set M...L... to M...C...), please change the
draft such that this is clear; note that existing implementations fail
to implement this restriction.

It is not clear what it means for two instances of path data to have the
same list of path data commands, may there be differnces with respect to
absolete versus relative commands, implied commands, command parameters,
etc. please change the draft such that equivalence is well-defined.

It is not clear what the note about "flags" and "booleans" is trying to
cover, SVG Tiny 1.2 does not allow elliptical arcs where flags would be
relevant, and booleans do not seem to exist in path data. Please remove
this note or change the draft such that it is obvious why it is needed.

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