Re: SVG profiles

>>>>- SVG static [no css, no animation, no script, no event]
>>>>could be useful for those wanting to support basic drawing operation 
>>>>will still images.
>>>I personally think this particular subsetting would have almost no 
>>>relationship left with what SVG is, as described by the SVG 
>>    Oh really?  Have you read the Conformance section lately?
>>    There are two sub-categories of Conforming SVG Viewers:
>>      l) Conforming Static SVG Viewers support the static language
>>         features of SVG that correspond to the feature string
>>         "" (see Feature
>>         strings). This category often corresponds to platforms and
>>         environments which only render static documents, such as
>>         printers.
>>    I agree with Fred that there is really a need for such a profile,
>>and not just for 'printing' but to act as a high-quality graphics
>>interchange format - not everything wants or needs to be dynamic.
>>    Fortunately the profile already exists!
>To be precise, there is a "conformance level" for static SVG, not a 
>"profile" for static SVG. The SVG family of specifications doesn't describe 
>details for conformance levels as deeply as it does for profiles. For 
>example, the static SVG conformance level is described with a couple of 
>sentences, whereas the SVG Tiny 1.2 profile has its own lengthy 
>specification. Perhaps there should be one or two new profiles. (But 
>profiles are a lot of work. Don't hold your breadth.)

Well, just take SVG 1.2 and remove Animation and Script stuff,
this could and SHOULD be "generated" if the specs as some tags in it.

There might be a need for:

Tiny Static SVG [without CSS]
Static SVG [with CSS]

Also, maybe using .ssvg and .ssvgz for static scalable vector graphics.

Another proposal could be .pvg and .pvgz for printable vector graphics
or .psvg and .psvgz for printable and scalable vector graphics.

Another thing, I find strange is that:
[unless it changed from the last time I checked]

SVG Basic is not a superset of SVG Tiny.

In the sense that some stuff in Tiny are not implemented in Basic or Full,
they have a totally different approach/syntax.

As this been fixed?

>I sort of disagree and sort of agree with Antoine. Unlike what Antoine 
>says, I believe there is clearly a use-case for SVG as a replacement for 
>placed static graphics (i.e., EPS replacement), but in the direction of 
>Antoine's comments, there is also a use-case for SVG for placed animated 
>graphics (i.e., animated GIF replacement), and a third category would be 
>interactive, animated graphics (i.e., replacement for animated GIF with 
>image maps), and a fourth category would be a web application (where you 
>add arbitrary scripting). And that's just four use-cases among many.


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