Re: DOM Level 3 events

At 02:44 PM 1/18/2005 -0600, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>Peter Sorotokin wrote:
>>>2)  That the implementation is keeping the event listeners for the two 
>>>types in
>>>     separate lists (is this desirable?  Should registering a listener 
>>> for both
>>>     types involved make it get the event twice?).
>>You can do it per-listener rather than on per-list basis; but I'd keep 
>>two separate lists.
>In other words, a listener registered for both event names would indeed 
>get the event twice?

No, in this case each event listener entry in the list would have to store 
an event type for which it was registered (also would be needed for 


>Note that this is something that the spec should clearly state if it goes 
>this route.

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