Re: DOM Level 3 events

Peter Sorotokin wrote:
> Surely it is possible.

All things are possible, with enough effort.  The question is whether it's 

> Implementation can temporarily override "public" 
> event type to the type before calling the listeners of that type.

This makes several assumptions about the implementation:

1)  The existence of "public" (and "private") event types.
2)  That the implementation is keeping the event listeners for the two types in
     separate lists (is this desirable?  Should registering a listener for both
     types involved make it get the event twice?).

> The only drawback is that is if a listener holds an event beyond the 
> duration of the handleEvent call, it might see aliased type; but such 
> listener is already asking for trouble.

Why?  I see nothing in the relevant specs saying that the Event object becomes 
in some way invalid after the handleEvent() call returns...


Received on Tuesday, 18 January 2005 20:04:41 UTC