Re: DOM Level 3 events

Hi Cameron,
Only one event is raised, not two.

However, you can register an event listener using either name. Your handler 
will get invoked no matter whether you listen to the "error" event or the 
"SVGError" event. I would assume that, when your handler receives the event 
object, the event name would match the name of the event to which your 
event listener was listening. Thus, if you listened for "SVGError", the 
event type on the event object would be "SVGError".

The SVG 1.2 spec obviously needs some clarification on this. Thanks for 
posing the question.

Jon Ferraiolo
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At 02:45 AM 1/18/2005, Cameron McCormack wrote:

>Robin Berjon:
> > They'll be collapsed. And lo! this time it's something that's even in
> > the spec!
> >
> >
>What about for scripts that inspect the type attribute of the Event
>object passed to the handler?  For example, if script is checking for
>"SVGError" but actually "error" is there?  Will implementations have to
>fire both events, one after the other?
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