Re: Using only a local name for svg:handler

Cameron McCormack wrote:
> If I have a handler element and the event type is given by only a local
> name, how is this resolved?  Will it use the default namespace at that
> point in the document, or the empty namespace (the one you specify with
> xmlns="", whatever it is called) or the XML Events namespace?
>   <svg xmlns="" ...>
>     <handler ev:event="click">
>       // ...
>     </handler>
>   </svg>

The content of ev:event is a QName that follows the namespace defaulting 
rules that apply to attributes. This would be in the spec except that 
the XML Events chapter has disappeared (sic), or it would be in the XML 
Events 1.1 draft except I don't see that the Forms WG (or HTML WG, I can 
never remember) has published it (sic).

Either way, the 'click' above is in no namespace, also denoted {}click 
for clarity.

Robin Berjon
   Research Scientist

Received on Tuesday, 18 January 2005 09:59:03 UTC