Re: SVG12: Locating animation targets

On 17 janv. 2005, at 13:22, Antoine Quint wrote:

>>   In either case (i.e., XML attributes or CSS properties), the 
>> returned
>>   value corresponds to the base value before animation is applied and
>>   not the presentation value (aka, animated value), where base value 
>> and
>>   presentation value corresponds to the SMIL Animation definitions of
>>   these terms (see [ SMILANIM]).
>> So it seems that such functionality is not available in SVG 1.2...
> I always had the impression that traits allowed for the exposure of 
> presentation value. This is a serious oversight, I will raise the 
> issue within the WG to solve this.

It does seem that this feature was indeed present in earlier drafts of 
1.2 and got stripped off most likely due to an editorial mistake. This 
feature will be re-integrated in the document as soon as possible.

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