Re: SVG12: Script Encoding

Jim Ley wrote:
> Equally what happens when you're using a scripting language that does have a 
> well defined character encoding resolution mechanism and the information in 
> that is different, what are the error processing rules?   For example my 
> reading of the HTML 4.01 rules require that a UA with an XML based script 
> language ignore the XML encoding methods and use the charset of a link to it 
> instead, I do not think this is a good idea.

I'm not sure where you get that from... The specification is clearly talking 
about determining the encoding of HTML documents, and given that <meta> elements 
in the target document get precedence over charset="" on the linking node, I 
think the XML encoding declaration would similarly take precedence.

> If there are problems identifying ECMAScript (or other scripting languages) 
> in such metadata-free systems as you discuss, fix it in ECMAScript as that 
> will fix it for everyone.

The thing is, for HTML content the charset="" method of specifying script 
encodings is actually in somewhat widespread use (though pages simply assuming 
that the script will use the encoding of the page itself is in even wider use, 
which is even worse from the point of view of predictable behavior...).  So 
clearly there is some benefit to it...


Received on Monday, 17 January 2005 00:00:10 UTC