sXBL: Unresolved Entities

Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group,

  From it is not clear how
sXBL processing is defined if sXBL attributes refer to entities which
the implementation did not attempt to resolve or failed to resolve,

  <!DOCTYPE ...>
  <xbl:definition ref = '&foo;bar#baz' ...>

could be processed in a number of ways, the document could be rejected,
the element could be ignored, the attribute could be ignored, the entity
reference could be ignored, the literal reference could be considered
part of the attribute value, and so on. This assumes of course that the
document is well-formed. Please change the draft such that processing is
well-defined if the sXBL fragment refers to unresolved parsed entities. 
If the changes cause such sXBL documents to be not interoperable, please
change the draft such that the language elements that cause this lack of
interoperability are discouraged in this context.

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Received on Saturday, 15 January 2005 11:09:50 UTC