Re: This might be a stupid question...

Cameron McCormack:
> >After clicking the rect, is the document in error?

Dean Jackson:
> My thinking is that it is error. This is the same
> as a script adding an element that doesn't exist, or
> as a child of an element that can't contain it, or
> doing something else that is equally bad.
> Do you agree?

Seems like reasonable behaviour to me.  I just worry though about
interfaces having to change.  For example, SVG 1.2 requires DOM 3 while
SVG 1.1 DOM 2.

  <svg xmlns="" version="1.2">
      document.documentElement.setAttributeNS(null, "1.1");
      var x = document.compareDocumentPosition;

Should the x variable be undefined or a function
(compareDocumentPosition being a method on the Node interface in DOM
Level 3 but not in DOM Level 2)?  Is DOM Level 3 a superset of DOM Level
2?  There are probably also some similar issue wrt the SVG DOM.


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