SVG 1.2 Comment: collected comments from the WAI

Please accept the document at

as a contribution from the WAI Technical Activity to the Last Call
review of SVG 1.2.

The User Agent Working Group has made major contributions to this
review, in addition to the work of the Protocols and Formats Working
Group and others from across the WAI.

These comments have been discussed in the WAI to the point that they
are considered to have accessibility merit. We do not claim to have a
perfect crystal ball when it comes to implementation difficulties or
other considerations that may drive decisions in the SVG Working Group. Nor
do we assume that they are crystal clear as communicated.

We would welcome a chance to discuss and clarify any that you find
confusing or you feel merit rejection.


Alfred S. Gilman
Protocols and Formats Working Group <>
/on behalf of
Web Accessibility Initiative <>

Received on Monday, 3 January 2005 17:26:21 UTC