SVG12: Namespaced Events

Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group,

  Not that I am fond of event locators, but it appears that SVG 1.2
makes inconsistent use of namespaced events. In particular, it says
it changes XML Events to allow namespaced events, but does not do
so for other things.

In particular, SVG 1.1, per its own definition that SVG 1.2 inherits and
per its reference to SMIL Animation does not support namespaced events
as far as I can tell. SMIL 2.0 does, and SVG 1.2 refers to SMIL 2.0, but
it does not say whether this allows namespaced events e.g. in the begin
does not discuss it at least.

The specification further refers to addEventListener() in several places
rather than its namespace-aware counter-part addEventListenerNS(), in
particular the "DOM Subset" only has addEventListener(). This does not
seem right considering that SVG 1.2 introduces events that likely clash
with other specifications.

Please change the draft to either consistently refer to namespaced
events or document these design decisions in the document including
anticipated changes in future versions of SVG and how authors should
deal with this in the meantime.

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Received on Thursday, 10 February 2005 19:10:59 UTC