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Re: Proposal to extend (s)XBL definition elements

From: Jon Ferraiolo <jon.ferraiolo@adobe.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 12:27:45 -0700
To: www-svg@w3.org, Erik Arvidsson <erik@eae.net>
Message-id: <>
Just so that you are aware, any specifications posted at www.hixie.com have 
no formal relationship to W3C standards activities except that Ian Hickson 
owns the hixie.com domain and also participates in W3C activities around 
XBL. The XBL2 specifications posted at www.hixie.com have not been formally 
reviewed by the W3C and thus do not necessarily represent reliable 
indications of what might happen in the future with XBL2.

Regarding XBL2, there is a general agreement in principle among the various 
participants in the sXBL standards process that the features from Mozilla 
XBL will be available somehow in XBL2. However, it should be noted the W3C 
doesn't have a formal requirements document for XBL2 at this time. Not only 
that, there isn't a working group chartered at this time to define and 
deliver an XBL2 specification.

Once sXBL gets to Last Call and then to Candidate Recommendation status, 
and thus becomes stable, then I personally recommend that the W3C take up 
XBL2 activities. The first step would be to identify an appropriate working 
group to take on the activity, then work quickly towards a requirements 
document, and then produce a specification and associated test suite. I 
hope we can get sXBL out the door quickly so that we can start the XBL2 
process as soon as possible since there are some long lead times on 
starting new activities.

Jon Ferraiolo
Adobe Systems, Inc.
sXBL co-editor

There is already a way to do attribute forwarding in XBL1 and looking at
the current work in progress of XBL2 (the full one, not sXBL) I see that
this will remain.


<xbl:binding id="fileUploadControl">
      <html:input type="text" xbl:inherits="value"/>
      <html:input type="button" value="Browse..."/>

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