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Thank you for this very enlightning answer. Some more quick questions:

Mark Birbeck a écrit :
> As you can see then, to make this whole thing work, the actual DOM event
> architecture itself needs to change, but as it happens, the DOM 3 Events
> proposal did add a feature to allow something very, very close to this. Of
> course, this does mean that DOM 3 Events needs to become a standard for sXBL
> to work, but hopefully that won't be too much work ;).
What is the name of this feature in DOM 3 Events?

>   <xbl>
>     <definition match="xf:input">
>       <handlerGroup>
>         <xyz:dispatch
>          ev:event="mouseover"
>          name="xforms-hint"
>         />
>       </handlerGroup>
>     </definition>
>   </xbl>

So if I understood correctly, the handlerGroup is a place holder to put 
all the event listeners and yet-to-come dispatchers that are part of the 
interface of the binding. You put there the behavioral part of the 
binding that will receive/emit events from/to the bound element. Events 
handling elements that deal with internal events should be put in the 
template element. Is that right?

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