Re: XBL in document fragments

Can you be more concrete with your question, such as provide some sample 
markup that shows the scenario. The term "document fragment" can mean lots 
of things.


At 10:37 PM 9/15/2004, Cameron McCormack wrote:

>How should XBL operate in document fragments?  Say I have a document with
>some XBL definitions from which I create a document fragment.  Should any
>elements which match the bindings in the main document tree get shadow
>trees?  Or should this only happen once the document fragment nodes get
>inserted into the main document tree?
>What if the document fragment contains XBL definitions?  Would these
>apply to any matching elements in the document fragment?
>I guess I would like to know the same for elements which have not been
>inserted into the main document tree yet.  Should they get shadow trees,
>or only once they're inserted?
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