sXBL: Section 6.3, isId

Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group,

  Section 6.3 of the latest sXBL Working Draft states

  The DOM implementation is expected to use the attribute
  Attr.isId to determine if an attribute is of type ID.

The term "is expected to" is not defined in the document and it is not
clear to me what it means with respect to conformance. I think this
should be replaced by RFC 2119 keywords as used in other parts of the

  Attributes with the name "ID" or "id" are not of type ID unless so
  defined. For example, elements with the name "id" on elements that are
  in the XHTML, SVG and XBL namespaces are defined to be of type ID by
  their respective specifications.

This is not exactly correct, for example an id attribute on an element
with a local-name of html and a namespace
is not of type ID, at least there is no prose description that says so
in any of the XHTML Recommendations and for XHTML document types it
would be non-conforming behavior to consider /x:html/@id isId. The
reference to XHTML should thus be removed from this ... what is this
exactly? Section 1.3 states that this is normative content, yet it seems
to be an informative note? I think there should be a normative part in
the specification that states that all such notes are informative.


Received on Saturday, 11 September 2004 02:58:50 UTC