Re: [sXBL] XPath/Selectors - clarification on versions

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Chris Lilley wrote:
> For Selectors, it is (CSS3) selectors. This is needed for the 
> 'nth-child', 'not' etc functionality. CSS2 selectors (as implemented in 
> SVG Full and SVG Basic, and by modern HTML browsers such as Firefox, 
> Opera, Safari etc) would not be powerful enough and CSS1 selectors (as 
> implemented in IE/Win) not nearly powerful enough.

This is debatable, given that both Mozilla XBL and Microsoft HTCs don't 
support anything near as powerful as even CSS1 Selectors, and yet are 
still considered very powerful.

While real use cases do exist for more advanced matching, the most common 
cases are just matching on local names.

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