Why sXBL first and then XBL 2.0?

Quoting here from the abstract:

> sXBL is intended to be an SVG-specific first version of a more 
> general-purpose XBL specification (e.g., "XBL 2.0"). The intent is 
> that, in the future, a general-purpose and modularly-defined XBL 
> specification will be developed which will replace this specification 
> and will define additional features that are necessary to support 
> scenarios beyond SVG, such as integration into web browsers that 
> support CSS. Once a general-purpose XBL is defined, sXBL would just 
> become an SVG-specific subset (i.e., a profile) of the larger XBL 
> specification.

My question is: why making an SVG-specific version first and then a more 
general-purpose XBL specification, XBL 2.0?
When will this XBL 2.0 version see the daylight?
Anything that will be defined here as sXBL will certainly also be in the 
more general XBL 2.0?
So in the near future there will be 3 different XBL versions? Mozilla's 
XBL, sXBL (implemented by Adobe?) and XBL 2.0 (implemented by ???).


Received on Wednesday, 1 September 2004 22:32:32 UTC