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Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2004, 5:00:04 PM
Subject: [SVG-Mobile] SVG Tiny 1.2 DOM Feedback and Questions

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While checking/ implementing SVG Tiny 1.2 DOM
 I got several questions:

In the A.2.6 Attribute and Property Access is written "Trait is the 
typed value (e.g., a number, not just a string) that gets assigned 
through an XML attribute"

The set trait for color uses two functions instead of one: 

setRGBColorTrait [null | SVGRGBColor]
setTrait(none | currentColor | inherit)

I see here a problem for application programmers who are not experts 
in SVG. Why there are two functions for the same type? 

The get trait for color uses just one function: getRGBColorTrait.
So, there is no way to know that the given PathElement, for example, 
uses the `currentColor' of the parent GroupElement. 

The get trait also does not allow to know that the PathElement fill 
attribute is inherited from the parent GroupElement. 

If the getRGBColorTrait returns null. What it is suppose to mean: 
none, currentColor or inherit?

The set and get traits must be consistent. If the program sets the 
fill attribute to `currentColor' it must be a way later on to check 
if this attribute equals to the `currentColor'.  
As I understand the whole idea behind traits is to provide strongly 
typed access to SVG attributes. In a case of color we have two types 
instead of one!

2. SVGSVGElement

In the SVGSVGElement there is a new attribute that could not be found 
in the previous versions of SVG DOM. 

attribute float currentRotate; // raises (DOMException) on setting

The question is how this parameter applied to the current 
transformation matrix?
Does it go after the currentTranslate of before? What are the order 
of operations now for the current transform? Do we need this at all? 
I mean that there is no explanation why it is in the DOM now.

3. Fixed Points vs Float Points 
Most mobile devices on the market use CLDC Java that does not have 
floating point numbers. What do you think about to have also the same 
SVG Tiny 1.2 DOM API with fixed-point numbers? 

That's all for now I will keep checking….;)
Andrew Girow

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