SVG 1.2 questions: editable text

Hi all,

When reading the section about editable text, two questions came to my mind:

* should there also be an attribute indicating whether a text is 
"selectable" (true|false)? There are cases where you want text elements 
to react to events, but not be selectable. Setting "pointer-events" to 
"none" also turns of the ability to react to mouse-events, such as 
"onclick". I think, such an addition might be useful. Of course, setting 
"selectable" to false would also turn off "editable".

* should there be a way to set boundaries an how many characters the 
child of a text-element (or tspan) can contain? Esp. if the user pastes 
text from the clipboard. Imagine you have a textfield where you want to 
limit the number of characters the user can enter or paste, say to 50 
characters. Potentially, the user could paste pages of text, which could 
lead to undesirable results.

Thanks for discussion/clarifications.


Received on Sunday, 31 October 2004 10:40:05 UTC