RE: Proposals for SVG 1.2

Hi, Philippe-

Well, a hexagonal pattern is not so hard... I did this one by hand:

<pattern id='hex' x='0' y='0' width='80' height='45.5'
patternUnits='userSpaceOnUse' >
   <path d='M0.5,22.75 L13,0 H40.5 L53,22.75 L40.5,45.5 H13 Z M53,22.75
H80.5' stroke='gray' fill='none'/>
<rect x='0' y='0' width='100%' height='100%' fill='url(#hex)'/>

<path d='M0.5,22.75 L13,0 H40.5 L53,22.75 L40.5,45.5 H13 Z M53,22.75 H80.5'
stroke='red' fill='dodgerblue'/>

There are irregular artifacts when viewed in ASV, but that's a problem with
their pattern implementation.

I don't know how hard all other patterns would be... It might be that not
every pattern can be done in a grid. 

That being said, I would also like a way to introduce "planned irregularity"
into SVG, so that you could have variations in patterns and text (in which
alt-glyphs are used for each letter, and in placement, for
handwriting-fonts, for example). I don't  know how such a thing could be
done efficiently, but it would be neat if it could.

Doug Schepers

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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
| Doug Schepers wrote:
|  > Mark McKay wrote:
|  > | Another useful features would be to add tile grids.  The 
| trouble with many  > | fill patterns is that they have no 
| variation, which makes them appear  > static.  | While this 
| can be broken up by strategicly placing foreground  > 
| objects, it's  > | better to provide the ability to modify 
| the background itself.  For  > example, | if I'm creating an 
| image of a brick wall, while I'd like to have  > the wall  > 
| | looking mostly like a solid pattern of bricks, I'd also 
| like to give the  > wall | bricks some variety.  Some will be 
| cracked, some will be off color,  > and a few  > | will be 
| dirty.  This can be done easily with a grid and a three or 
| four  > | source brick tiles:
|  >
|  > One way to get close to this in SVG would be to have 2 
| background  > rectangles, each filled with a different 
| pattern. The top pattern would be  > mostly blank, but would 
| have some odd bricks to overlay the regular ones in  > the 
| back. However, I also think it would be nice to have some way 
| to do  > irregularity in patterns automagically.
| I am thinking about tiles for some time.
| Unless I missed something in the SVG 1.1 spec. (I haven't read the new
| 1.2 spec yet), you can only make tiles (patterns) of 
| rectangular shape, placed on a rectangular grid.
| As Mark suggested, it would be nice to be able to specify at 
| least an offset (translation) to apply on each row, relative 
| to the previous row.
| This would allow easily brick wall patterns, hexagon tiling, etc.
| Althought interested in the field, I am not a tiling expert, 
| far from it. 
| <> 
| for example. It seems there are 17 possible symmetry for 
| wallpaper tiling.
| Well, I am not asking for such precision, and perhaps all 
| possible tilings can be made with the current rectangular 
| grid. After all, that's the way HTML make its tilings, and it 
| leads to quite a good amoung of patterns.
| But allowing at least this offset thing, adding just a 
| parameter or two (x and y offsets), would ease a lot design 
| of complex tilings.
| If hexagon tiling is possible, it is quite hard to design it 
| by hand...
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