Publication of SVG 1.2 - Sixth Working Draft

The SVG Working Group is pleased to announce the publication
of the sixth working draft of SVG 1.2.

Changes include:

- Added support for CSS 3 Color property value rgba() syntax.

- Cursors: Now allow SVG content and animation

- A DOM subset e.g. for Tiny implementations

- new interface for filtering events (such as mutations only on a
  particular attribute name, mouse drags, or events in a particular

- Non Scaling Strokes: added vector-effect keyword to enable strokes
  that are not transformed or zoomed.

- New properties overlay and overlay-host to facilitate overlays (a
  subset of a layering feature).

- Persistent Client-side data: Added methods to set and retrieve
  client-side data that is stored between sessions.

Also, one of the major features in SVG 1.2, RCC, is probably
going to be published as a separate specification from the 
next draft. This will not slow down SVG 1.2, and will allow
RCC features to be used in other XML languages. It will most
likely merge with the XBL effort (implemented in Mozilla).

Give praise to the SVG Working Group members and yourselves (the 
community) for any good features. Blame me for the many errors.


Received on Thursday, 18 March 2004 10:56:49 UTC