SVG 1.2 Raw Socket impl. in JavaScript

Hi all,

I really like the plans for having sockets in SVG1.2

I set down and implemented 17.8.2 Raw Socket
Connections in JavaScript using Java Sockets inside

I updated my SVG IRC client to use it and it works.
It still has some issues and missing parts in the
I just wanted to see how it would work and how usable
the interfaces are.

Here the IRC client:

And here a simple SVG using the network connection:

Here the impl.(it's documented a little):

You will need Batik to have it work.

The following events I think are needed:
data arrived,

Other than that I think it's quite usable.
I still would like to be able to have a sync
connection in addition to the async one.

Another thing is a secure connections. 
It would be realy nice to have some security layer
between the raw TCP socket and the connection object.


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Received on Tuesday, 16 March 2004 10:21:48 UTC