Re: implementation size for SVG Tiny

Robin Berjon wrote:
>> 4th line
> That is quite clearly an implementation of SVG Basic, not SVG Tiny.

OK, you are probably right. I have heard that their SVG Tiny player is 
still in that range, not much smaller than the SVG Basic player.

Now, looking at the w3c site, I see "PocketSVG", which is purported to 
be Tiny plus something else, is 390Ko on PocketPC 2002.

>> By element, OK. I want to know by property.
> This is not by element, this is the actual test suite. It also tests 
> properties. Tinyline appears to be very close to being completely 
> conformant.

On second reading, you are right, even though the sentence "very close 
to being completely conformant" feels like "my program is almost working" :)
Anyway, Tinyline has everything but switch and foreignObject, I guess it 
does only SVG fonts, not device fonts, and fails on very few test 
sequences. So it does more of SVG Tiny than what I thought.
However, how much of property inheritance (the ability to put a property 
like color anywhere above your rectangle) does the test suite test ?
Or is this an optional feature ?

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Received on Thursday, 11 March 2004 12:25:41 UTC