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Re: Why SVG becomes blank?

From: Andreas Neumann <neumann@karto.baug.ethz.ch>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:52:05 +0100
To: shwathi a <loveshwathi@yahoo.co.in>, www-svg@w3.org
Message-ID: <2147483647.1078930325@karto-dhcp3.ethz.ch>

Can you send an example URL with an example that works and one that fails? 
Perhaps along with your php code? Just whipe out the connection information.

I use PHP with SVG quite extensively for loading maps from spatial 
databases. The chunks vary from a few k in size up to several 100ks.

Never had any problems with the PHP/SVG combination.

However I always used getURL/parseXML with fragments, not full SVG 


--On Mittwoch, 10. März 2004 12:01 Uhr +0000 shwathi a 
<loveshwathi@yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> Subject: SVG,PHP
> 1. Display an SVG image of code size more than 10Kb in a php page using
> print (not embed). {say one.php}
> 2. Create a link in svg to another PHP page using <a
> xlink:href="two.php">
> 3. Create a submit button in two.php ( note : not a mere link but a form
> button)  on whose click will return to one.php  (say <form method=post
> action="one.php">).
> If the SVG code is more than 10Kb,a blank screen appears.
> What could be the reason? This is my problem. What shall I do?
> I can explain in detail if needed.Please suggest.Thanks in advance!
> Shwathi
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