Re: SVGTimer complaints

"Jan-Klaas Kollhof" <> wrote in message
> Why is the runnable interface needed.
> The timer fires an event.
> This event should be handled by a handler.
> We already have interfaces for adding listeners
> and also interfaces for the handlers (DOM).

I fully agree with this, in fact I thought I'd said so before, but couldn't
see it in the archives...

>   t = createAndSartTimer(500);
>   t.addEventListener(l)

Hmm, one problem with this approach is that adding the event listener after
the createAndStart is a bit of a pain.

my favoured option would be to have a copy of dispatchEvent which takes a
time aswell:

someObj.dispatchEventDelayed(myEvt, 500);

And perhaps allow the window interface to also catch events so you could do:

window.dispatchEventDelayed(myEvt, 500);

and avoid any bubbling etc. issues (it going straight and only to the window

> and it makes more sense with respect to all other
> objects/interfaces that fire events.



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