Re: 3.2 Editable Text Fields

On Fri 2004-03-05 Cameron McCormack wrote:
> How will editable text elements which have tspans and trefs be handled?
> [...]
> If the cursor is just before the "t" of "text", will subsequently typed
> characters be inserted at the fron of the tspan's text node of the end of
> the text's first text node?
> [...]
> If characters are typed, what colour do they become?

Implementers will have a choice to embed either Emacs or Vim  :)

Seriously though, I think your questions are valid and I believe there
will be many more. Providing text editing functionality is a complex
task, it will probably be best to keep it as simple as possible, eg
like current text fields in HTML forms.


Vim users, don't forget to

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